A visit to The Dome, the most advanced, most automated, and most secure prison in the world turns into a nightmare for Max Grannit and Maria De Marco when the most dangerous criminals in the world find a flaw in The Dome's security...

                            The new Max Grannit adventure.



After his ordeal at the hands of the black hats, Max Grannit want a quiet life. Then he saves the life of a beautiful young woman in a New York street. Later, she escapes being killed a second time. She asks Grannit to act as her bodyguard. And grannit, after some hesitation, because she will tell him very little,  agrees.


Grannit's duties take him from New York to London and to Cannes. And, needless to say, he finds trouble all the way...   

What do you give five millionaires who have everything? The powers of a Roman emperor? The highest snuff party in the world? Not enough. It needs to be something money cannot buy. And you’d better not get in their way. They think Max Grannit does when he foils a terrorist plot and is dragged onto television as a hero. They think he might wreck their fiendish plans. The terrorists’ cohorts are after him too. And he’s completely on his own. That is, until three mysterious people invite him to dinner at a luxurious lakeside villa. They want his help. The only problem is, they do not know why they want his help… The Last Supper is the third in the Max Grannit series of thrillers. Set in France, Switzerland, Austria, and Germany, it is a journey through menace.  About 60000 words. .

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